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Birdie - Jet Black


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Beginner’s Mind. Infinite possibility.

With a lean-to-steer frame and ultra-wide, three-wheel design, Birdie is easy to control. Moving left or right is as simple as shifting body weight—providing more stability, enhancing balance, and improving coordination. The reliable stomp brake helps riders stop quickly while the anti-slip ergonomic grips provide better handling for smaller hands. Birdie has undergone extensive testing and certification to provide your child with a safe and secure ride. High-quality materials and intuitive construction make Birdie a long-term addition to everyday play—from the aircraft-grade aluminum handlebar to the fiber-reinforced nylon deck. The height-adjustable T-bar makes it easy for your little rider to keep flying, year after year. Move the handlebar to a height that works for now, then adjust as they grow.

30-Day Guarantee

Take it for a ride. If you don't love your birdie, we'll provide a full refund (some restrictions may apply). Refund Policy

Lean-to-steer frame

Ultra-wide wheels

Safe, durable, and easy to ride

Safe and stable.

Ultra wide wheels, a wide footboard and a stomp brake ensure a safe and stable platform for years of fun

Grows with your child.

Birdie’s handle bars are height adjustment so it can grow taller as your child grows taller



Top Speed Between turtle and hare
Range Until they get tired
Power Source Curiosity + Determination
Charge Time Overnight + Naps

Size & Weight

Scooter Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
Dimensions H 94 x L 61 x W 30.5 cm
Handle Height Adjustable 61 - 94 cm
Rider Maximum Load 110 lbs (50 kg)


Drive Type Little feet
Rear Brakes Stomp break
Steering Lean-to-steer
Wheel Type + Material Ultra-wide Urethane
Stability Three-wheel design
Front Wheel Diameter 12.1 cm
Rear Wheel Diameter 7.6 cm